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World of Warships Adds Spanish Cruisers, New Season Pass, and A New Azur Lane Event

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World of Warships will be welcoming new Spanish ships into Early Access, wrapping up the special Popeye collaboration,  and adding more Azur Lane content.

The new update lands on Wednesday, and will begin rolling out new content. There are nine new Spanish Cruisers that will enter early access, ranging from Tier II all the way up to Tier X.

These ships feature a burst fire alternative firing mode that will let their AP shells penetrate armor a little more effectively, along with their main battery guns that will produce mostly average damage,as well as short-range torpedoes. The Spanish ships also  arrive alongside appropriate themed camos and flags.

You'll be able to use a number of different consumables and there will be gold and silver Spanish tokens available during Early Access. You can grab some of those during the Personal Challenges event. 

A new battle pass is also rolling out, with the free and premium passes both delivering some of those Spanish tokens. The main past events will be similar to previous months, with several changes and updates specifically for the new additions. The final reward on the free battle pass will be a 7x rare bonuses containers and 100 silver Spanish tokens; the premium pass has its final bonus as 500 gold Spanish tokens.

Wargaming will also end its Popeye the Sailor Man collaboration event, which opened to celebrate World Ocean Month. The collaborations partner charity, Force Blue, will be getting a donation of over $11,720 from charity sales, as well as an additional $50,000 from World of Warships.

Speaking of collaborations, the fifth collaboration from Azur Lane will be back after the update, with three new voiced Commanders, Colorado, Cheshire and Prinz Heinrich. There will also be three new permanent camouflages.

The update will also bring some new European destroyers into fully researchable content, new events, and a new collection. You can see more details on everything in the update here at World of Warships. 


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