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World of Warships Adds New French Cruisers, Legends Launches Pan-European Ships into Early Access

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World of Warships and World of Warships: Legends are flush with May content, with the newest round of updates announced, including new French Cruisers on PC and early access for Pan-European Destroyers on console.

Wargaming has plenty of content for each version of the game and the PC version includes those new French Cruisers alongside Azur Lane content that continues the partnership with the mobile game and anime. Azur Lane is set in an alternate World War II, with characters based on warships from the era, so if you weren't familiar with the game and our first encounter in it via the partnership with World of Warships, the two do fit together. 

Collaboration content includes new ships, special camouflages, commemorative flags, containers to collect, including updated premium containers. Rewards for the premium containers have also been updated with new potential rewards.

The update also includes some balance tuning for a number of ships. These are based on community feedback and data from combat effectiveness. There's also continued testing of submarines, and this update disables the possibility to launch torpedoes at maximum depth and they've also replaced the ping movement effect with a launch effect that gives a hint about where it's going for a different strategy.

Season 17 of Clan battles is also beginning soon, this time with the codename Cayman and held in a 7 versus 7 format with Tier X ships and super ships. This will begin on May 24th at 11 p.m. Pacific time and end on Monday July 11th at 4 p.m. Pacific.

The console update for World of Warships: Legends will have 7 Pan-European ships enter Early Access. One Polish Cruiser and six Swedish Destroyers will be introduced and you'll be able to research them at the beginning of the next update. This update also brings two new Commanders, and The back to Belfast Campaign that could let you acquire a Tier VII version of The Belfast ‘43.

 For more, head to World of Warships. 


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