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World of Warships Adds Aircraft Carriers, First Spanish Ship, and New Dirigible Derby Mode

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World of Warships is taking things to the skies with the latest update, which brings aircraft carriers into the game and a new temporary mode: Dirigible Derby. The update also adds the first-ever ship from Spain as a potential reward for the return of Personal Challenges.

Aircraft carriers are a big deal, since they bring squadrons of planes and strategic space to house them. The two aircraft carriers being added with this update represent the US and British naval powers. The British Eagle is based on aircraft carrier models from the 1950s, and the US model has been recreated from unfinished plans from 1949. Both carriers have two types of squadrons: a standard squadron and a tactical squadron. While the standard one can be good for simpler tasks, you’ll want to use the tactical squadron for distance and quick, precise attacks.

With the arrival of aircraft carriers, it’s also time to have a little fun in planes yourself. Dirigible Derby is a temporary game mode that will offer a challenge and an opportunity to play through a high stakes mission type to deliver their dirigible first. Teams of 12 will face off to try and stop the other team while attempting to make your own safe delivery. Each team has a dirigible traveling along a fixed path and it's your job to get to the destination faster, including by taking out the enemy team. The mode is based on historical tactics where diplomats on each side were sometimes transported to secret negotiations. 

The first Spanish ship arrives, with the Canarias heavy cruiser joining for the Mediterranean-themed event. The country is historically famous for its naval forces, so this is a long-awaited addition. Personal Challenges round out the update, with plenty of opportunities to earn XP and walk away with rewards, including the Canarias and the Dido from the Royal Navy. Also entering early access are new Pan-Asian cruisers, with an update to Port Dragon and additional ships added,

For more details on the update, head to World of Warships.


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