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World of Warships Adding British Submarines, New Australian Campaign, and New Clan Battle Season

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Wargaming continues expanding options in World of Warships, this time adding new British submarines into Early Access, along with a new, Australian-themed campaign.

Submarines have been an option in World of Warships since last fall, and their numbers are growing once again. The new British subs will enter Early Access on March 2nd, with three new models on the way–the Undine, Sturdy, and Thrasher. When these are available, there will also be some new permanent camouflages and new rewards. Look out for a new chain of combat missions that will reward a flag and some British tokens.

Australia is the inspiration for the next campaign, a pirate themed adventure that could get you a new light cruiser and a new Commander. The Brisbane is a light cruiser with 10 main battery guns and augmented torpedo capabilities to make it formidable underwater. The new commander, Matilda Kelly, commands the Brisbane with 19 skill points. 

The new campaign “follows the path of an Australian bushranger on her quest to flee the continent aboard a mythical ship”, and you’ll earn yourself some Pirate Tokens this time around. Those are what you’ll need to amass in order to exchange for the Brisbane and the commander.

This week, two events of note began, with the new Battle Pass season rolling out, and the 20th season of Clan Battles. The 12.1 Battle Pass will be live through March 22nd, and some of the rewards for both free and premium tier include British tokens, research points, containers, credits, and steel. Paid rewards offer additional goodies like more of the above, plus free and Elite Commander XP, rare economic bonuses, and more.

The Clan Battle season is on now through April 10th, and if you have some Tier X ships to get out there and fight with, this is for you. The structure is a 7v7 battle with a number of rules to keep things fair and strategic.

For full details, head to World of Warships.


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