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World of Warcraft's Shadowlands Season 4 Raid Loot Changes Want to Get Rid of Bad Luck

Loot of your choice may be in your grasp, and upgradeable.

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The World of Warcraft team is experimenting with changes to raid rewards for Season 4. With Season 4 being shorter, they decided to go ahead with some changes that include raid vendors and limited currency upgradeable raid loot for Heroic or Mythic items, and additional changes to support them.

Season 4 will feature raid vendors around the Great Vault, each with different items from the three Shadowlands raids. These items may include weapons, trinkets, or other items from the particular raid they serve and will be at “Fated” level range of 278-285. The items will also have the same price: one Puzzling Cartel Dinar. This is a new limited currency and you will only be able to get three of them for the entire season. So choose wisely which items will help you the most, because once you use all three the vendors will be gone. 

How will you get this new currency? After season 4 begins you will enter any Shadowlands raid and start a three-part questline. This questline will have you killing a number of unique Fated bosses while you have the Season 4 Affix. One quest completed will equal one Dinar. Get through the full quest and there you have your three. Since these are Fated bosses, the rotation will matter, so it will take you time to get all of your possible allotted Dinars. Ultimately, this is designed to be a challenge but also give players a choice in their rewards and get rid of the bad luck.

Heroic and Mythic raid loot is also looking at upgrades. The plan so far is to award upgrade item shards upon killing bosses on Heroic or Mythic difficulty at a 100% drop rate. Once you have enough shards, you’ll be able to upgrade any one Fated item of your choice. You’ll still need the base item first though, so if you don’t have it, normal difficulty is an option, and so is the Dinar.

For more on the coming raid changes, head to World of Warcraft.


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