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World of Warcraft's Season of Mastery Expands With Blackwing Lair on February 10th

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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World of Warcraft Season of Mastery is continuing to roll out more content in its accelerated timeline with a new update on February 10. This will bring Blackwing Lair along with the loot, gear, and twists those looking for a challenge are in for.

Blackwing Lair will feature eight raid bosses for level 60 players at the Burning Steppes.If you’re looking to take on the raid, you’ll have to complete your attunement first. But once you’ve got that, get a group together for glory.

All of the bosses have their own strategies so you’ll have to work with your team to figure out how to beat them. If you’re successful, you’ll be able to get items from the Tier 2 set along with their bonuses.

Because Season of Mastery has an accelerated content schedule, it’s designed to roll out faster but with a twist. Previously when the first part was in testing, the team needed to figure out how to tune the mode to find the sweet spot between doable and too easy for all the veteran players who’ve done this many times before. Expect similar twists in this update. For example, if you defeat Nefarian and loot the Head of Nefarian, which lets you earn the Rallying Cry of the Dragon Slayer buff after you turn in this quest, it will only work outdoors. Certain buffs are disabled in raid instances for Season of Mastery.

Other elements coming in this update include the Darkmoon Faire. Both Horde and Alliance will be able to access the Faire in alternating months. If you complete games there you’ll be able to get tickets you can exchange for even more goods.

For the entire rundown of what’s coming in the February 10 Season of Mastery update, head over to World of Warcraft.


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