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World of Warcrafts Pre-Expansion Patch Notes Released

It's a Pre-Expansion Preparedness Preview

Steven Weber Posted:
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Pre-expansion patch notes for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has been released, with more on the way November 17th. The series of changes between the live game and expansion are so staggering that they required their own table of contents, with updates highlighted in gold so players could determine what was new with this latest patch.

Sifting through the humongous series of notes details a lot of class changes, reward fixes, PvP tweaks and additions to the WoW companion app. While players wait for the eventual expansion to finally hit, Blizzard has put together a Death Rising event to bridge Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands. The event is only a limited time event, so if you aren’t already participating, you don’t have very long to do so as Shadowlands will release in just a few weeks.

We also recently reported that Blizzard will be running a Shadowlands migration beta test on Torghast Friday the 13th. They are urging players to join in and help them with their testing to ensure everything goes smoothly when the actual launch happens later this month.


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