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World of Warcraft's New Accessibility Fix Aims to Help With Grimrail Depot and Maw of Souls Motion Sickness

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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World of Warcraft is getting an accessibility fix, this time for the Grimrail Depot and Maw of Souls dungeons, after community reports that the moving aspects of both dungeons caused motion sickness.

Blizzard recently announced that Shadowlands Season 4 will shake things up and include Mythic+ dungeons from the last four expansions, with the community to decide which ones from Warlords of Draenor will be included. With the potential for Grimrail Depot to be one of them, A member of  the World of Warcraft Community Council created a topic about Grimrail Depot and motion sickness, reporting on having done the dungeon several times recently and experienced terrible motion sickness nearly every time, which was not limited to their own experiences. This player requested that there be some way to make the train not move.

Community Manager Bornakk responded to the feedback, offering another approach, saying that, “ Motion sickness was a concern when we first talked about the possibility of Grimrail becoming a Mythic+ dungeon. Fortunately, one of our designers came up with a clever solution”. 

The solution that is coming in 9.2.5 is called the Motion Sick Peon’s Magical Elixir. You’ll be able to get one from an NPC called Motion Sick Peon in the first car of the train. If you’re doing Maw of Souls, you’ll be able to get one from the Motion Sick Peon’s Soul. 

When you use this consumable, it will hide the moving pieces in the environment just for you. You’ll see a static environment and it won't impede completing the tasks at hand. So no more train motion and no more swirling movement.

This accessibility change should help those players affected by motion sickness, and if feedback on it is positive, maybe even be a model for other instances with the potential to cause issues.

This change is one of a number of accessibility features games like WoW have been making, and it’s a positive one to see.


Christina Gonzalez

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