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World of Warcraft's Game Director to Take Part in a Reddit AMA Tomorrow

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On Friday, September 14th at 2:00 pm Pacific / 5:00 pm Eastern, World of Warcraft Game Director Ion Hazzikostas will be heading over to /r/WoW to take part in an "ask me anything" session with fans of the game. The topic is general, but more tailored to the Live Game ("current ideas, problems, etc."). There is no specific end to the AMA, though Hazzikostas noted that he's "planning on spending at least a couple hours responding" in an attempt "for much more robust communication on our end".

Here's Hazzikostas' note to the /r/WoW community:

Hi. Just for some additional context in advance of this AMA: I suggested and volunteered to do this, and I'm looking forward to it. I know there are a ton of questions and concerns that feel unanswered right now, and a need for much more robust communication on our end. I am accountable for everything that goes into WoW, so that should begin with me. A standard streamed Q&A wouldn't really be sufficient to cover the range of topics that are likely to come up, since we're limited in the number of questions we can fit in. And a forum post or blog would end up as a giant wall of text that doesn't feel much like a conversation. So r/wow felt like the perfect place to address a wide range of topics in an open forum.

I'm planning on spending at least a couple of hours responding, and I'll try to cover as much as I can. It'll just be me tanking this, so apologies in advance if I can't field a question about the nuances of Swift Roundhouse interactions for Windwalkers, or whatever.

Also, to be clear, we don't view a one-off AMA as a silver bullet. It's impossible for everyone to agree with every decision we make, but you shouldn't feel unaware of them or disconnected from why we chose a given course to follow, and that will take a sustained effort on our part.

The news of the much more open-ended AMA (as opposed to Live Chat "canned" programs more recently held) is good news for the somewhat concerned general WoW community that has expressed widespread concern over the technical issues with Battle for Azeroth and more specific problems with the story and the new features that have left a bad taste for many.

Be sure to swing by tomorrow to this /r/WoW Reddit thread to see what's what.


Suzie Ford

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