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World of Warcraft's First-Ever Individual Esports Competition, Solo Shuffle Showdown Happens This Weekend

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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When World of Warcraft added Solo Shuffle, a solo queue brawl, there was some concern over balance, leavers, and all kinds of things that were worked out over time. Now, Solo Shuffle is getting a spotlight with its first-ever esports tournament this weekend. This is also World of Warcraft’s first-ever esports tournament where players compete as individuals.

With Solo Shuffle getting a ranked mode once Dragonflight releases, it seems like the perfect time to give it a showcase. Solo Shuffle Showdown will take place starting Friday, September 23rd, running through Sunday, the 25th. 

A total of 72 players across North America and EMEA (36 on each side) will take part in two stages, a knockout stage and the finals. The knockout stage will take place on Friday for the EMEA region and on Saturday for North America. Players on each side will play three matches and be assigned to groups of six. After each match, all players will be reseeded. Every time a player wins a round in a match they will get one point and the top eight damage dealers and top four healers will advance to the finals.

The finals will take place on Sunday with 12 players from each region. All points will be reset to zero and the top 12 players from each region will play two matches each randomly seeded in groups of six. Once these players all compete, there will be six players remaining with the highest scores that move to one final match for the biggest share of  the $100,000 prize pool. Those six players, the top four damage dealers and the top two healers will play that one match that determines the championship, cash, and Solo Shuffle Showdown PvP bragging rights.

There's a full list of players and terms as well as streaming information over at World of Warcraft. 


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