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World of Warcraft's Chains Of Domination PTR Patch Notes Are Now Available

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For those who have been waiting for Patch 9.1 of World of Warcraft to hit since it was officially revealed at BlizzConline 2021, the wait is almost over. Yesterday Blizzard detailed the patch notes hitting the PTR for Chains of Domination, inching the next part of the story in the Shadowlands saga ever closer to release.

Chains of Domination continues the storyline started with last year's Shadowlands expansion, opening up new areas in The Maw, as well as adding a new raid, Sanctum of Domination. For those looking to test the upcoming raid encounter, Blizzard mentions in the 9.1  patch notes that this will be available come April 16th. 

Changes coming with World of Warcraft patch 9.1 include class balance changes such as tweaks to the Mage's Flamestrike damage as well as increasing the shield from the Rogue's Cloaked in Shadows skill. Covenants are also seeing some tweaks, with new Covenant Chapters being added with 9.1. Covenants will also see new Soulbind tiers as well as tweaks to existing Soulbinds.

As previously mentioned, raid testing for WoW's 9.1 patch will begin on April 16th, and the Blizzard team has posted full details of the schedule, as well as answered some questions players might have ahead of the testing. Testing starts at 2pm PT/5pm ET for The Tarragrue and then continues with Guardian of the First Ones an hour later. Blizzard doesn't have a firm time for how long each test will run, essentially saying it'll stay up till they are "satisfied" with the reports and feedback they are seeing, so if you're looking to get a sneak peak at the bosses and raids, you might want to get in on this right when it starts on Friday.

You can check out the full patch notes and raid information on the Blizzard forums. 


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