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World of Warcraft Will Mark Gear Set Bonuses as Legacy With the Dragonflight Pre-Patch

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If you’ve spent your time in World of Warcraft getting yourself geared up from Eternity’s End onward, there’s some important info to know as we get closer to the Dragonflight pre-patch. Blizzard has announced that the class set bonuses from Eternity’s End on will be marked Legacy on the release of the pre-patch.

This is a change from prior expansion releases, and while the announcement from CM Kaivax does acknowledge that it’s routine to make older set bonuses as Legacy after a while, this usually doesn’t happen this early. There is a gap in between pre-patch and the full expansion release, after all. 

Yet, with the overhaul of classes coming in Dragonflight, this is something they’ve decided to do with the pre-patch, since the foundations of the new systems will be set there. It makes sense when you think about just how the talent trees and class specialization and profession options are going to change in favor of player choices and flexibility. The team has said in previews that it will be more than possible to make terrible builds with the degree of flexibility that is coming.

While you might not be looking to make a troll build of your next character, the early changeover of set bonuses is coming. This is intended to be a one-time change as the announcement also says that, “In the future, it is not our intention to repeat this timing when marking class sets as Legacy”. However, even that statement doesn’t completely rule it out.

Still, this is coming, and announcing it now is a good call. To help offset the gaps that may also come with the introduction of the new talent trees and overhauled systems, and the removal of gear bonuses, Blizzard will re-tune World of Warcraft’s content when the pre-patch is out. This will mark version 10.0, and their intention in the tuning pass is for difficulty to remain about the same as we head into the era of Dragonflight.


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