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World of Warcraft Will Make Stories About Your Characters and Blizzard Introduces Dragonflight Exile's Reach

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World of Warcraft is inviting players to tell their Warcraft Stories via a new Twitter campaign that will generate adventure stories based on your characters. With Dragonflight coming out this month, the team is also giving players a peek at Exile's Reach  and what they need to know to prepare to set off in the Dragon Isles.

With the legacy of World of Warcraft part of people's lives for almost 20 years, players have been telling stories and getting themselves involved in the lore for a long time. To take part, Blizzard has announced the following for Twitter users:

To discover your own detailed journey through Azeroth, travel over to Twitter and tweet the following to @Warcraft using the #WarcraftStory hashtag:

  • Your character’s name
  • The realm your character adventures on
  • The region you play in (ex: US, EU)

We’ll gather all your information and craft a random adventure based on your heroic (and not-so-heroic) efforts throughout Azeroth for you to share.

You can tweet the @Warcraft account for the same above level 10 main game character multiple times to get different stories. Whether you use one character or your alts, you can do this up to 20 times per day, per account. 

It's one way to get prepared for Dragonflight with the new guide to Exile’s Reach, where the journey begins. Blizzard has published a guide to the Exile’s Reach excursion and everything you need to know.

First off, there’s a missing expedition, and guess who is going to be asked to be part of the team to go look for them and find out what happened - you. You’ll board a ship to their last known location, and something will change things away from what was intended, so you’ll find the island of Exile’s Reach. 

You should review the full guide to find out some of what awaits, including two bosses in a mini-dungeon. With the revamp to talent trees and specializations, this excursion might be what you need to get the hang of the new system. Some of the Allies in this area will help you with that, and might have surprising abilities themselves.


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