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World of Warcraft Tweaks Sylvanas Encounter Whilst The Race For World First The Sanctum Begins

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Blizzard announced some changes coming to the Sylvanas Windrunner encounter in World of Warcraft's Chains of Domination update, as well as announced the race to world first the Sanctum of Domination.

First things first - Blizzard is tweaking the encounter with Sylvanas Windrunner at the climax of the Chains of Domination storyline. While much has been made of the storytelling itself, Blizzard has focused on the encounter, tweaking the damage players must deal Sylvanas, reducing it by about 5% on Normal and heroic difficulties. Additionally, Windrunner now transitions out of stage 1 faster on those same difficulties. The dev team explained the reasoning behind the change on the forums.

"Developers’ notes: We felt that players were losing too much uptime due to mechanics, and getting out of the first phase much later than originally anticipated, so this is meant to curtail the length of the encounter without affecting difficulty too much."

Additionally Veil of Darkness, Banshee Wail and Banshee Scream have all had their attack radiuses reduced. The dev team states this was to help larger raids get more room during the encounter without making it easier. 

Blizzard is also announced the race to World first the Sanctum of Domination has begun today, with guilds and streamers all racing against each other to claim the first sweep of the Sanctum of Domination itself. You can check out the full article, as well as catch your favorite guild or streamer in the act listed the Blizzard website. The Sanctum of Domination Mythic dropped today, with Blizzard posting the full raid unlock schedule today as well for those interested in seeing when the future wings will open up further. 


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