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World of Warcraft Turns 18, and It's Time for Gifts, Classic Challenges, and Nostalgia

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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World of Warcraft is marking its 18th anniversary with some special gifts. It’s also time once again for the Darkmoon Faire.

The anniversary event will run through November 27th, sending off Shadowlands with some celebration. Log in and you’ll get the 18th anniversary achievement, and s special anniversary gift package in your mail. Open it and you’ll find 200 Timewarped Badges and the way to start a special quest and some additional items, including an XP and reputation boost.

There will also be some daily quests you can take on to earn more badges. You can get these by doing stuff like beating certain enemies or even passing WoW trivia.There will be classic loot available from defeating some enemies, You will be able to trade some badges or copper for some fun items like wands to dress up party members like a Murloc or a Quillboar, the Corgi Pup battle pet, costume sets, and more.

With the 18 years of history in Azeroth to celebrate, there are also classic enemies returning, some with updated abilities. If you’re level 30 and above, you’re welcome to get in on these classic enemies to fulfill the weekly event quest or to earn more badges and other rewards, including weapon and gear drops.

There is additional content just for fun if your idea of an anniversary is to relax and spend time with friends (possibly without using a wand to make them a Gnoll).

But if nostalgia and returning to classic activities isn't your thing, this week features  The Darkmoon Faire. The Darkmoon Faire happens for one week near the beginning of every month. Play in the arcade, brush up your dance-off skills and show them off for loot and achievements, make plans to defeat the Death Metal Knight interrupting the Blight Boar concert, and much more, including the rollercoaster and carousel.

For more on the anniversary content, see this announcement at World of Warcraft.


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