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World of Warcraft Trading Post Updates for March, With Pandaren Monk Pet, Capes, and Sword Designs

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The second month for World of Warcraft’s Trading Post is here, and March brings a slate of new tasks to earn your Trader’s Tender and new rewards to spend them on (if you're not saving for a previous month's item).

This month, the special bonus item for filling the bar at the top of your Traveler’s Log by completing tasks is the Darkmoon Harlequin’s Bells ensemble. Bright, festive, and more than a little creepy, this could be yours if you’re ambitious enough this month.

The general rewards items you can spend your currency on include the Pandaren Monk pet for 650 Trader’s Tender. Maybe you play a Pandaren Monk and want a disciple, or a mini-me. Or just want one as a companion. The rewards also include the Dread Pirate’s Bicorne, a pirate hat for 150. Maybe you’re looking for a stylish new shirt or a shield with a lion's head on it. those are also options.

Frozen Shadow, a one-hand sword, is also one of the options, for 100. Joining that sword is the Shadowy Blademaster’s Greatsword, a two-hander for 225 Trader’s Tender. If you are looking for a different two-handed sword, there's also the Triumphant Blademaster’s Greatsword,also for 225. Maybe you’re into capes. Maybe you came to Azeroth from Gielinor and the Greatcloak of the Virtuous Professor will suit you. If you're a treasure hunter, there is an item for the back that looks like a mini treasure chest, the Trusty Treasure Trove will cost you 750 Trader’sTender, but you’ll shine. 

Overall, the March items definitely take a different path in their look and feel versus February. February’s items seemed glowing and a bit otherworldly, while this month’s items are a bit more grounded. In that the variety is in impressive looking weapon cosmetics for a change of pace and that Pandaren Monk pet.

We can expect another refresh in April, but the first two months of the Trading Post have offered a variety of items and styles. Perhaps they might feel not so cohesively themed as some might have expected, but they give some optional goals to all who want them.

See the full list and info over at World of Warcraft.


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