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World of Warcraft To Receive Further Class Tuning

Arriving during reset tomorrow

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Blizzard is testing a bunch of new adjustments through class tuning in World of Warcraft arriving tomorrow during the weekly reset.

You can expect tuning coming to the Death Knight, Mage, Monk, Rogue, and Warrior. However, these classes won’t be completed adjusted, instead seeing small tuning to specific abilities. DK will see adjustments to both Blood and Frost.

Mage will see adjustments to Frost, while Monk will see some tweaks to Windwalker and Brewmaster. Rogue will see Assassination receive an adjustment, while Warrior will see Fury tweaked. Alongside these adjustments to classes, expect to see some tweaks to PvP as well. These include:

  • Players will now drop PvP flags if they activate Podtender (including Temple of Kotmogu orbs).
    • Note: this fix will be applied to the live game as soon as possible, before the weekly reset.

Blizzard notes that final tuning will be available in their Hotfixes Update post, the thread for which you can find here. In recent news, Blizzard experienced several DDOS attacks last week. Fortunately, they seem to have subsided. You can catch up on that news here.


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