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World of Warcraft Talks Success of Last PTR Stress Test

Next Stress Test Scheduled for June 25

Garrick Durham-Raley Posted:
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After the latest PTR Stress Test for World of Warcraftthe developer Pazorax put a Thank You message out on the forums to all the players that participated, calling it a success and giving players some details about the test.

The stress test last week saw players experience extreme instances of lag and getting stuck at the end of flight paths, which World of Warcraft developer Pazorax provided some more information on in a forum post about the stress test, including specific root causes and how the population density affected things like exponential scaling, amongst others. "This is a matter of understanding how many players we can support without deadlocking, which was a big goal for the stress test, and we got some very good data because of how many of you joined us."

"Yesterday’s test gave us a pretty good idea of what these limits should be, and how we recover from a crash, but we’d like to know more, so we’re going to set up for another test on Thursday, June 25, at the same time (3:00 p.m. PDT)."

The next PTR Server Stress Test taking place later this week should go more quickly "since there should hopefully be less investigation, and fewer disruptions." In other optimization news, Blizzard recently changed how add-ons interact with the Auction House, and the Midsummer Fire Festival is live now until July 5.


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