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World of Warcraft Talks Intentions for Shadowlands PvP Rewards, Releases Lo-Fi Remixes

PvP Rewards...For Honor

Steven Weber Posted:
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Blizzard has been hitting the information circuit hard leading up to the release of their next expansion, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Community manager Kaivax has posted some information regarding PvP rewards, and what the intentions behind Shadowland’s PvP gearing design are, going into the beta this week.

Kaivax detailed two of the goals the team set out to accomplish when it game to obtaining gear for PvP and from vendors:

  • Give players more direct control over their gearing by spending earned Conquest at PvP vendors, with an accessible cap and catch-up system.
  • Allow the Great Vault to supplement PvP gearing for Rated players, with a reward track that is closely aligned to other organized endgame activities (Mythic Keystone dungeons, Raiding).

With the changes it seems as though they are looking towards rewarding players through Rated PvP at a greater rate, which also aims to benefit players who are extremely active in Rated activities, as Honor for rated activities is uncapped.

In addition to this post that will certainly pique the interest of PvP players, the team also released several Lo-Fi remixes of the Shadowlands soundtrack.

You can also find the images available to download as a wallpaper. You may also be interested in the latest professions preview.


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