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World of Warcraft Talks Character Customization with In-Depth Engineer's Workshop

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Steven Weber Posted:
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Customization has gone through quite a few changes over the years in World of Warcraft, and now, with Shadowlands bursting from every seem, ready to explode into the live game, Blizzards engineering team gets down to the technical aspects of customization, its history and how it has changed.

The post isn’t just for World of Warcraft superfans, but for anyone interested in how Blizzard has changed the systems and data layout, and why they would even want to after well over a decade. While much of the post gets into technical aspects that may not be for everyone, there are some great tidbits of information nestled inside, which includes some hearty engine rebuilds that will give players far more flexibility and responsiveness.

You can see the latest trailer for Shadowlands, and read up on Robins final countdown to launch next week, as you try to contain your excitement for the expansion.


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