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World of Warcraft - Shadowlands Update Removes Global Cool Down from Some Spells

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Steven Weber Posted:
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Blizzard has announced by way of a post on the official forums, that some spells that were categorized as “burst cooldowns” will no longer have a global cooldown in post Shadowlands World of Warcraft. The post goes on to explain that they did this primarily because these many of the abilities in the burst cooldown category did not feel effective, or weren’t worth the payoff to utilize them.

The changes won’t be relegated to just global cooldown removal either, some abilities, such as Blade of Fury for rogues will have additional effects added to their spells. In some special cases there may even be some abilities that combine their functionality with another. Despite that, Kaivax, the community manager on the World of Warcraft forums expressly pointed out the communities’ distaste for the GCD:

“We’ve heard clear feedback that incurring a global cooldown to do nothing but enhance subsequent button presses is unsatisfying, and we agree…As such, we’re removing several abilities from the GCD and, in some cases, rolling back changes we’ve made in an attempt to make the GCD feel worthwhile.”

A list of abilities being removed from GCD can be found on the short post announcing these changes. Aside from GCD’s being disliked by the community, there has been some additional anger towards Shadowlands “requiring” an SSD for its expansion. Shadowlands is set to release October 27th.


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