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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Coming November 23

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In a tweet today, Blizzard announced that the delayed World of Warcraft: Shadowlands finally has a new release date. Coming this November 23rd, Shadowlands will also host a pre-launch event on November 10th to set up the release later in the month.

Per the announcement via Twitter:

"We'd like the thank everyone across the WoW community who helped us get where we are today, including players leveling up new character in the Shadowlands pre-patch (and keeping Azeroth's barbers extra busy) as well as all the beta testers who continue to provide us with invaluable feedback on the expansion."

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands was originally slated to release on October 27th, but it was delayed to help the team give extra polish as well as retool some of the end-game rewards and the Covenant system. Per the announcement, the team feels confident its on the right track to cross the "finish line before November 23." 

Also announced was the date the first raid of Shadowlands will open up. December 8th will see Castle Nathria, which Blizzard says "takes players into the heart of Sire Denathrius' lair in Revendreth." 

If you're a returning player looking forward to Shadowlands, but unsure of how the new changes like the level squish affect your characters, be sure to check out our guide to prep you for the November 23rd release. 


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