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World of Warcraft - Shadowlands Beta Set to Test Conduits System

You Conduit!

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World of Warcraft Community Manager Kaivax has posted some information on changes Blizzard is going to be testing next week in the Shadowlands Beta. The changes are primarily centered around Conduits, and by extension Soulbinds.

In a detailed post about the new system and how it will work, the plan is essentially for players to have a collection system of Conduits. This is planned so that players will be able to build their own talent trees, with some minor restriction, such as a Conduit can only be used once per Soulbind, but that Conduit can be utilized in different Soulbind trees, all without having to earn multiples of that Conduit.

This is a pretty exciting system as, once you’ve earned a Conduit, you can utilize it as you wish. In addition to not having to get multiples of Conduits, once per week, the plan is to allow you to clear all of your Conduits, but you can switch what Souldbinds are active or redirect the Soulbind tree anytime you visit your Sanctum.  A short list of the changes are below, more can be found on the original forum post.

  • Conduits will continue to be items that can be earned from a wide variety of endgame content (dungeons, PvP, raids, reputations, world quests, etc.)
  • The power of their effects will increase with the Item Level of the Conduit.
  • Instead of placing a Conduit directly into a given Soulbind tree, you’ll bring it back to your Sanctum where you can add it to a permanent collection.
  • There will be more than one source for most Conduits, to increase flexibility in acquisition and accessibility across different playstyles.
  • Earning a more powerful version of a Conduit you already have will simply upgrade that Conduit in your collection.

The Shadowlands Beta has been receiving several updates over the past few weeks as they barrel towards a release data later this year. Check our Robin’s recent article on her take of the Shadowlands Beta.


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