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World of Warcraft Sees LFR Wing 2 and More This Week

PvP Brawl too

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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This week in World of Warcraft sees LFR Wing 2 – Reliquary of Opulence and more.

The details were tweeted out earlier by the official account and include LFR Wing 2 – Reliquary of Opulence, Arena Skirmish Bonus Event, and PvP Brawl: Arathi Blizzard. Wing 2 will see you save the Sun King and defeat Xy’Mox as you work to unlock the Council of Blood. The Arena Skirmish bonus event will give you a chance to enter the arena as you take advantage of +50% Honor Gains. Finally, the PvP Brawl will see you race across a snow-covered Arathi Basin. Watch out for the ice and snow.

In recent news, Jarod Nandin, the cosplayer who portrayed the Griefer from South Park’s Make Love Not Warcraft episode, passed away recently due to COVID-19. He had shared as recently as December 18 that his condition was appearing to improve. He passed away shortly after.

Additionally, there’s a new book in the works from Blizzard which is set to explore Kalimdor. You can learn more details about the book here before it’s scheduled for publication in October.


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