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World of Warcraft: Rise of Azshara Patch Notes, Survival Guide & Mechagon, Nazjatar Zone Preview

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World of Warcraft is gearing up for the release of the Rise of Azshara update next week. They've released a ton of information today including the official patch notes, the normal "survival guide" for the content expansion and previews of the Nazjatar and Mechagon quest zones.

After a high-stakes chase across the seas, the Alliance and the Horde find themselves facing an ancient enemy who has long been lurking in the depths: Queen Azshara and her fearsome naga army. With their ships decimated by Azshara’s ambush, the Alliance and Horde must establish a new base of operations and join forces with new allies in the perilous realm of Nazjatar.

Legends speak of a place off the craggy coast of Kul Tiras whose denizens have replaced blood and bones with bolts and brass: Mechagon Island, home of a society of mechanically augmented gnomes and their iron-fisted ruler King Mechagon.

Read more about Nazjatar here and Mechagon here.

Rise of Azshara is bringing a number of new and updated features to WoW including:

  • Nazjatar and Mechagon zones
  • Azshara's Eternal Palace raid
  • mega dungeon Mechagon
  • Essences to improve the Heart of Azeroth neckpiece
  • mount equipment
  • new quests
  • the Ashran epic battleground
  • flying can be unlocked 
  • new mounts
  • the Stratholme pet battle dungeon
  • transmog updates
  • Brewfest updates
  • bug fixes and adjustments

Check out the Rise of Azshara patch notes here.


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