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World of Warcraft Removing The Human Racial Passive in The War Within

Sam Plaisance Posted:
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One of the most well-known racial passives in World of Warcraft will be removed from the MMO once The War Within goes live, which has a few players quite upset. 

The human racial passive was one of the better-known passives within the game, as many players who created a Human created one for the sole purpose of having this Diplomacy trait. The Diplomacy racial passive allowed human characters to gain bonus reputation when working with all factions within the game, meaning they got reputation much faster than any other race in World of Warcraft. 

This change is being implemented due to the new Warband system being brought to The War Within, which makes reputation account-wide, as well as many other things such as specific gear and reagents. The developers assume, as first pointed out in a post on WoWHead,  that being a human gives way too much of a leg up to a Warband, since they can gain reputation much faster than others with their 10% buff from the racial passive. 

This is interesting, as the passive has been the same for almost 20 years, meaning it has been around since the dawn of creation of World of Warcraft. Most players ask the simple question “If you take this away, why not take passives out entirely?”. The point of racial passives is to give a specific race a leg up in its own way, so taking one out due to it giving too much leverage has players curious as to what's next. 

As of right now, Blizzard has not announced what will be replacing the racial passive, but one can only assume it will be replaced, as every other race still has a passive ability to utilize.


Sam Plaisance