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World of Warcraft Receives Horrific Visions of Stormwind Nerfs, Legendary Cloak Cap

Nerfs arrived in hotfixes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Blizzard has nerfed the Horrific Vision in Stormwind, in addition to increasing the legendary cloak cap for World of Warcraft.

Here are the nerfs which took place during the February 14 and February 14 hotfixes:

Additionally, the legendary cloak cap has been raised to rank 13. Achieving this rank will net you 5% more Sanity Resistance for a total of 70%. This is up from 65% previously. To get rank 13, you’ll need 4 Torn Pages of “The Final Truth.” You can earn one such page for every Lost Area completed. Talk to Wrathion inside the Heart Forge.


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