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World of Warcraft Rated Solo Shuffle Will Get Stronger Penalties for Match Deserters Next Week

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Rated Solo Shuffle opened up this week when World of Warcraft started Dragonflight pre patch phase one. After letting players compete for several days, the team has announced several changes that should help with the problem of players leaving matches.

When regular Solo Shuffle originally debuted with Eternity's End, there was a later change the original version to strengthen penalties for leavers. The approach this time is similar,but different since much more is riding on these rated matches.

WoW Community Manager Kaivax announced that after the update next week, there will be several changes affecting players who leave Rated Solo Shuffle matches. The penalty will now mean that the player who leaves will get a penalty  that is equivalent to losing all six rounds in a match, dinging their personal rating. All other players in the match affected by a leaver will receive no penalties or changes to their rating at all. It will be as if those other players never even took part.

This might be a little disappointing for players who put in the time  to play a match and then the whole thing collapses because someone leaves. It's even worse when a player leaves matches repeatedly, and a new penalty increase is coming for that too. The duration of the deserter penalty for those who continuously leave matches will be getting an increase with that update.

Beginning Rated Solo Shuffle with the pre-patch phase one not only gave Blizzard the chance to open the season with the new featured mode for the brawl, but to adjust penalties as well. Giving access to the wider community has made the Rated Solo Shuffle pool larger than the PTR data could’ve provided. They’re going to continue keeping an eye on things and potential future adjustments might happen.

Read the full update over at World of Warcraft.


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