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World of Warcraft Q&A Features Questions on Flying And Death in Shadowlands, Free Hong Kong Chants

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A Q&A for World of Warcraft at BlizzCon has revealed some interesting details about flying mounts and death in Shadowlands, and chants of, “Free Hong Kong.”

In a compilation by MassivelyOP, we’re privy to certain details about the upcoming expansion. When asked about flying in Shadowlands, the dev panel (comprised of Art Director Ely Cannon, Game Director Ion Hazzikostas, Executive Producer John Hight, Lead Game Designer Morgan Day, Lead Narrative Designer Steve Danuser) confirmed,

“It’s the same as in other recent expansions – no flying right off. (LOTS of boos in the house on that one.) No answers on Pathfinder for older expansions.”

Death will be interesting in Shadowlands as well,

“We want to make the experience very different from what happens in Azeroth; your spirit is not traveling away from you, so what we’ve done is create a different screen effect and paradigm. But you still just corpse run, so… okay.”

Perhaps unexpectedly, chants of “Free Hong Kong” broke out after an individual asked a question on the process behind choosing an expansion. As MassivelyOP described it,

“At this point the original questioner is asked if he’s done, and he says, ‘Yeah, free Hong Kong, revolution of our times.’ A voice in the background starts chanting ‘free Hong Kong,’ and then a younger kid came up and stood in front of the camera to say ‘free Hong Kong’ and then walked off. Taliesin politely agreed.”


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