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World of Warcraft PTR Tweaks Rogue In Patch 9.0.5

Affecting Serrated Bone Spike

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World of Warcraft's PTR is currently testing the next round of changes to come to the live version of the MMORPG. Kaivax, the MMO's community manager, called out a specific set of changes coming to Rogues in patch 9.0.5 testing, tweaking the Necrolord Covenant ability, Serrated Bone Spike.

The proposed changes listed on the PTR forums sees the initial damage of the ability increased by 300%, as well as granting both a combo point and active bone spike after it strikes home. Additionally, Serrated Bone Spike is now removed when the affected target leaves combat, and is no longer removed should the Rogue's prey be healed to full.

Kaivax detailed the reasoning for the changes and testing in the forum post, citing the need to remove the tendency for the Warcraft Rogue to "constantly hit this button" thanks to the way healing was removing the damage over time effect. Kaivax also cites increasing its initial damage output improves the skill's ability when dealing with enemies who just don't live that long.

"Greatly increasing the spell’s initial damage should improve its performance in the ‘other’ situations, including those where the enemy doesn’t live very long. However, we then feel we need to address a problem with the ability in PvP. Previously, if the afflicted target was healed to full, the damage over time effect would be removed and a charge of the spell refunded. The way this played out was the effect constantly being removed and charges constantly being refunded. As a result, the Rogue is compelled to constantly hit this button. With an increase to the initial damage component, this could be problematic. So we’re removing that mechanic, and we’re removing the bleed entirely whenever a player leaves combat."

Patch 9.0.5 testing continues as World of Warcraft fans await the next installment of the Shadowlands story, which was revealed at BlizzConline last month. Chains of Domination will see the next evolution of The Jailer and Sylvanas' cooperation and what it means for Shadowlands and Azeroth overall. We were able to chat with the World of Warcraft team during BlizzConline about Shadowlands and the changes coming with Patch 9.1, talking all things Chains of Domination with the team, from Kothria to changes coming to Torghast.


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