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World of Warcraft Previews Its Skill-Based Dragonriding Coming With Dragonflight

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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One of the major features coming with Dragonflight has to be the new dragonriding mechanic. Blizzard has detailed the new mechanic on a blog post, giving World of Warcraft players a glimpse of what to expect when they take to the skies.

The upcoming dragonriding mechanic is actually playable in the current Dragonflight alpha, but for those who aren't a part of it, Blizzard lifted the virtual cloche on the blog today. Once you summon your ride-able drake, Blizzard notes your main skill bar will be overtaken by new dragonriding skills, as well as a new resource to use while flying: Vigor.

Taking off is a simple as jumping off a high spot in the Dragon Isles, spreading your wings and letting the currents take you. Once you do, you'll want to gain some speed, which is necessary to maintain your hang time in the air. 

"Managing your hang time depends entirely on your ability to gain speed by descending and maximizing your altitude while ascending without losing too much momentum. Vigor skills like Skyward Ascent will help you gain altitude, while others like Surge Forward will give you a quick speed boost to keep you going. Remember that your drake’s Vigor recharges when you’re speeding up; use that to your advantage as you build momentum."

Players will also progress their drakes that as they collect Dragon Glyphs, which are scattered all over the new zones. These Glyphs allow players to unlock new skills and perks to use while dragonriding. 

You can check out the full post on the Blizzard website. Dragonflight is currently in alpha testing, and while we don't have a release date as of yet, Blizzard has already started testing on their third zone in the Dragon Isles, The Waking Shores.


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