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World of Warcraft Preserved Contaminants on a Weekly Rotation

Choose Your Corruption!

Garrick Durham-Raley Posted:
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In World of Warcraft, all players can now use the Echoes of Ny'alotha to purchases Preserved Contaminants from MOTHER in the Chamber of Heart on a weekly rotating basis.

These Preserved Contaminants can then be applied to gear to add a Corruption Effect - as well as the associated penalty. It has been confirmed that MOTHER will have a rotating selection of Preserved Contaminants sold that are on a specific schedule, so you can plan ahead for which corruption effect will be available when. This way, players don't have to wait for some RNG luck to get the one that they need. The selection offered will change twice a week, mirroring the Assault cadence.

Now that RNG for Preserved Contaminants has been removed, gearing up for endgame is a whole lot easier. MOTHER will also sell Rank 3 Essences and Vessels of Horrific Visions which provide another way to access Horrific Visions so your cloak can get powered up even faster. Additionally, there are improvements made to Ashjra-kamas. Instead of upgrading via several runs through Horrific Visions, Blizzard has stated that "each Rank up to Rank 15 can be achieved in a single Horrific Vision."

Instead of 6 Torn Pages to Rank up from 13 to 14, it now only requires 2 - likewise, to Rank up from 14 to 15 is also 2 Torn Pages, instead of the previous 8. Above Rank 15, the minor upgrades with Malefic Cores have not been changed. For even more news on World of Warcraft, check out the recent Shadowlands alpha datamine as well as our impressions of Ardenweald.


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