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World of Warcraft Player Encounters Bug That Makes Felguard Pet Practically Unkillable

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Joseph Bradford Posted:
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A World of Warcraft Warlock has encountered a bug while running Torghast which resulted in some...interesting results. 

Redditor cc4s2b9x took to, well, Reddit, to talk about their woes while running Torghast on the EU's Blackhand server. The Warlock user described a situation where, despite not intending to, his Felguard pet got incredibly powerful, to the point where it became an unkillable, DPS machine.

The bug cause his simple Felguard pet to get jacked up to over 440K health and capable of dealing massive amounts of damage (according to cc4s2b9x it was dealing "about 11-12K [damage] on its own."). They posted some stats via Warcraft Logs showing the wild swings in the damage results.

Obviously not wanting to be banned, the player reported it and shut down for the night. However, the next day, despite being reset day, the bug hadn't sorted itself out. Despite trying multiple things, such as re-summoning the pet, killing their pet, entered a different spec, and much more, it did nothing to fix the bug.

A workaround was found, where using the Glyph of Wrathguard would transform into the eponymous Wrathguard, negating the bug buff placed on the pet. Despite the workaround, user cc4s2b9x has stated that GMs are aware of the problem and will be addressing it in a future fix.

You can check out the whole endeavor, as well as see some screenshots of the beefed-up Felguard on the Reddit post. World of Warcraft recently started lifting the veil on what to expect in the next expansion, Dragonflight. Recently they previewed the Dracthyr race/class hybrid coming, as well the Hunter and Rogue talent trees.


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