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World of Warcraft Opens Cross-Realm Queues for Arenas and Battlegrounds

Both WoW and Wrath Classic have their own options

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World of Warcraft has opened up another way to play together, with cross-realm queues for Arenas and Battlegrounds now open.

Over the past several years, Blizzard has been tweaking the options and experiences available in WoW, from announcing cross-faction grouping and even guilds, and now, cross-realm queuing. Maybe your friends are on another server and you don’t want to pay for a transfer, (or can’t, if it’s closed) otherwise transfer over. Now the doors are open on both modern World of Warcraft and Wrath of the Lich King Classic

CM Kaivax made the announcement today, saying that the work had been done to let this option now be a reality:

“With a configuration change that is now live, we’ve made it possible for cross-realm groups of players to queue together for Arenas and Battlegrounds.”

With the announcement also came a link on how to queue up with someone who is on another server. You can do this with anyone on another realm in the same region you’re in. There are restrictions depending on what you’re looking to do and which version of WoW you’re in though.

For those playing World of Warcraft, you can queue for dungeons, battlegrounds, and raids. In Wrath of the Lich King Classic (and only this latest version of Classic), you can queue for battlegrounds and arenas, but not dungeons or raids. Still, it’s another option that opens up the possibilities and removes just a couple of limits.

Community response to the announcement that this was now possible was unsurprisingly mixed, with some calling for PvP LFG to also work cross-realm, and others saying that this doesn’t go far enough. Some were also calling for cross-realm play to be added for PvE content. While there is nothing of the sort announced just yet, with the team adding different ways to play with others on different servers and even in other factions, it might be a possibility one day.


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