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World of Warcraft Needs You to Cleanse the Scourge in Shadowlands Pre-Xpac Event

Purge the Scourge

Steven Weber Posted:
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Blizzard has put out a call for players to beat back the scourge in the latest World of Warcraft event, which will be a prelude to the Shadowlands expansion. The pre-launch event known as Death Rising, will require that you gain intel in the areas around Stormwind and Orgrimmar, and report to the Argent Crusade.

It won’t be easy, as the Scourge are back, and better than ever, as the Cult of the Damned has returned, and they don’t plan on making your progress a cakewalk. After completing the Advancing the Effort quest you’ll unlock more daily quests, and earn new rewards.

The event will progress as Shadowlands nears, and you’ll have to work together with the Argent Crusade if you wish to be successful in defeating the Scourge. Be careful though, as shipment crates have been placed in Orgrimmar and Stormwind, and if you interact with them, you will become infected, and possibly even become a zombie!

Ready to get started in the prelude to Shadowlands? Check out our new player guide, and some of the videos Blizzard recently released of the upcoming expansion.


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