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World of Warcraft Makes Notable Reputation Tweaks in Dragonflight Beta

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Blizzard is responding to feedback in the Dragonflight beta with regards to changes in Renown and Reputation overall. The team is outlining a number of recent changes and some new adjustments that give us a sense of where things are possibly headed when the expansion is out next month.

When it comes to earning Renown, there has already been an official preview of Dragonflight’s major factions and some of the ways to earn Renown with them and what you could earn with your increased reputation. In the beta, it seems that the right balance is still something the team is working to figure out. 

“As we have added different sources of Reputation,” Community Manager Bornakk says in a new update, “it became harder to reward amounts that felt meaningful. As a result, we made a variety of changes to Reputation rewards alongside increases to the Reputation needed per Renown rank from 1000 to 2500.”

Some of these changes include moving some previously-weekly wWorld quests to daily cadence, while some others have been increased to twice a week. Some of the activities are seeing their Renown total requirements reduced by some amount in order to help players reach the unlock sooner. This also reflects a desire to let players reach max level with most of the available activities unlocking by the time they do.

Another change affects the Weekly Wrapper quest, which will feature ongoing changes each week. The adjustments mean the Reputation requirement will rise but this should be offset by overall increased Reputation gains.

These changes have been added to the build, but if you’ve already got a beta character, you won’t be affected. New characters will see these changes, so you’ll have to create one if you’d like to compare the new systems and Reputation gain differences to contribute additional feedback on the test.

Read the update over at World of Warcraft.


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