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World of Warcraft is Retiring Burning Crusade Classic Character Cloning, and Putting the Service on Sale

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 World of Warcraft  has had a Character Clone service for a while, and with a new iteration on the way, with Wrath of the Lich King Classic recently unveiled, it’s time to retire the current edition. Blizzard is putting the service on sale in case you want to copy a character over to The Burning Crusade Classic or World of Warcraft Classic.

The service exists as a way to copy one of your WoW Classic characters to a point just before The Burning Crusade Classic launched, on a BCC realm or a WoW Classic realm. If you don't have a clone in place to keep the characters active on those realms, locked clones will be removed from the realms and no longer available after the service is retired in July. 

If you logged into World of Warcraft Classic or Burning Crusade Classic but didn't make a choice to move a character ahead, those characters will be found on The Burning Crusade Classic but the Classic era version will be permanently deleted and you won't be able to clone it in the future. Effectively all this server will progress to new content so players will have to decide if they want to keep any characters on the older realms. 

With the dawn of a new expansion and a new Classic era, it makes sense to refresh and let players have the option to have access to previous content with applicable rules and limits if they want to. This will let you have a character in Classic and/or The Burning Crusade Classic as the servers progress into the Wrath of the Lich King era.

The service is now on sale for $5 from the previous price of $15 (which was lowered previously from the originally planned $35 until the community outcry led to them scaling it back, and will be available until July 26th.  

For more, head over to World of Warcraft.


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