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World of Warcraft is Opening a Dragonflight Pre-Patch PTR Weekend Starting Tomorrow

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Tomorrow, World of Warcraft will open up testing for Dragonflight pre-patch events on the PTR. 

While the beta continues, and the PTR is also helping devs get feedback from the builds and elements in testing, the time has come to get some pre-patch stuff on the table. The test will open tomorrow, October 14th at 10 AM PDT and close on Sunday, October 16th at 11:59 PM PDT. This is a weekend test, so if you’re looking to get in and help the team out, this is a chance to test some of the first content from Dragonflight many will get to experience.

So what’s being tested?

  • The Introductory Quest Line
  • Elemental Storms in Badlands and Un’Goro.
    • These Storms will change the surrounding area’s weather and enhance enemies with additional powers.
  • The Return of Uldaman as a level 60 dungeon.

The introductory questline is no surprise, as this is the entry point and with a new expansion, it’s a good idea to have that polished and done right. The Elemental Storms additions make an interesting bit of info, since these will have the listed effects of changing the weather in those zones and also potentially giving enemies some extra powers and maybe a boost. It’s something to keep an eye on when it comes to zone challenges.

We have yet to know approximately when to expect the pre-patch, yet the pre-patch will also bring about some changes, so this testing weekend is important. Once the pre-patch arrives, the Winds of Wisdom buff will be gone, and certain achievements and rewards will begin to become inaccessible or much harder to get.

Dragonflight is set for release on November 28th, so the pre-patch could get a date sometime soon. With the recently-released Wrath of the Lich King Classic, that pre-patch hit at the end of August, and the expansion was officially out on September 26th.


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