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World of Warcraft Hotfixes Address Dragonflight Glitches

Shadowlands also gets some additional closure.

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After Dragonflight’s launch came with the usual server issues, Blizzard worked to address the disconnects and server instability quickly. The team updated yesterday to note that the major issues had been fixed, but that there were some remaining glitches and missing stuff that would start receiving hotfixes over the next day.

Today’s round of hotfixes does a couple of important things. First, it addresses a series of Dragonflight bugs, from non-lootable drops to abilities not working as intended, to incorrectly-labeled gear. The second is to continue closing out and changing some Shadowlands stuff in further moving into the new chapter.

Of these Shadowlands-related adjustments, there was a bug  that was preventing people who earned the Shadowlands Season Four Shrouded Hero title and achievement from receiving it, and this has been fixed. Shadowlands Season Four Tokens of Merit are now categorized as poor quality and continue to be sellable for 500 gold. Finally, shadowlands dungeons are now appearing correctly in the Dungeon Finder when you take on Timewalking campaigns.

With Dragonflight content, Seltherex will now sell Honor gear in Valdrakken. For now you can upgrade it to rank 3 and eventually you'll be able to upgrade it to rank 5 after Season 1 starts.

Death Knight and Priest abilities got some bug fixes so they work as intended, and the team boosted damage on several weapons to bring them up to where they are supposed to be. The patch fixed a number of quests in several zones, including some that could not be completed or where the enemies were not interactable, or other elements were missing.

Several of these were in The Waking Shores, the starter area, so were clearly of priority. Other quests from Ohn'ahran Plains and Thaldraszus were also fixed. There were other quests that needed to be fixed, but given it is still very early, we should expect more of these fixes as the days go and the community gets further into the content.

Read the list of updates at World of Warcraft.


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