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World of Warcraft Group Uncovers A Cool Secret in Waycrest Manor

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If there is one thing World of Warcraft developers love to do, it is to place well-hidden secrets in the game. There is even a dedicated group on Discord that charges itself with deciphering the clues and getting them organized properly to reveal cool new things. In the past, this has included pets and mounts. The latest secret uncovered is in Waycrest Manor, a dungeon found on Kul Tiras in Battle for Azeroth.

According to WoWHead, the dungeon contains a number of "drust-laden organs" sprinkled throughout the dungeon. Finding them all and defeating the witches that guard them yields a brilliant concert when players return to the beginning of the dungeon once it is cleared. If they wait long enough, they'll hear melodies from several other Blizzard games including:

  • Terran Theme - Starcraft
  • Overtune - Overwatch
  • New Tristram Theme - Diablo III
  • A Call to Arms - WoW
  • Orc Battle Theme - Warcraft III
  • The Battle Begins - Heroes of the Storm

It remains unknown whether or not this occurs in all difficulties of Waycrest Manor, but it does for sure in Mythic.

Pretty cool!


Suzie Ford

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