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World of Warcraft Expansion Announcement Next Month, Mobile Game Details in May

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The future of Warcraft is taking shape. A brand new blog post from Blizzard details some of what’s ahead, including the announcement of World of Warcraft’s next expansion in April and more on the upcoming Warcraft mobile title in May.

First up, the Blizzard team is highlighting an announcement next week for Hearthstone, with details on the first of three expansions due in 2022. This will come on March 15th, along with details on the rest of the year, including the annual core set changes. The year’s first couple of Hearthstone esports tournaments are also rolling out.

World of Warcraft will be getting a new expansion, after Eternity’s End closed the book on Shadowlands. Details on what’s coming next will be revealed on April 19th. Though for now, there’s still plenty to do in the game, with the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid hitting Mythic difficulty this week, quest content and the chase of the Jailer in Zereth Mortis, and more adventures and discoveries to be made. Yet, with WoW, there’s more to come, both for live and Classic

There’s also esports to consider, as WoW esports will mark 15 years of competition in April. This means the Arena World Championship and Mythic Dungeon International are extra special this year. If you register by March 28th and complete the MDI Time Trials, you can earn an in-game Encrypted Banner of the Opportune.

The announcement that the first Warcraft experience on mobile was coming came with no details, simply that it will exist. We now know when we’ll get those details, as Blizzard will pull back the veil on this title in May. The blog section title for this game says “In Bloom for May” and we’re not sure if this is a clue to what we can expect or not, but we’ll know more in the coming months.

You can read the full look ahead over here on World of Warcraft.


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