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World of Warcraft Eternity's End Will Let You Craft Battle Pets and Mounts Via Synthesis Forges

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With the release of Eternity's End arriving in World of Warcraft soon, on February 22, Blizzard has revealed another feature you’ll be able to discover once the update is live: Synthesis Forges. With them comes a system for crafting Zereth Mortis mounts and battle pets.

The new system will let you create over 50 mounts and battle pets. But first, you’ll have to unlock the forges. There are two Synthesis Forges and you’ll be able to unlock one or both of them. Once you do, you’ll be able to see and collect components labeled Protoform Synthesis, as well as the schematics to use in creation. 

This system will open up to you after you finish chapter 3 of the campaign and unlock Cyphers of the First Ones. Once you understand enough of the language, you’ll be able to unlock the ability to synthesize pets and mounts. 

Once you get the Protoform Synthesis quest you’ll get to unlock the first forge. When you unlock it, you’ll find your first few battle pet schematics. You will find other schematics, in addition to components, as you adventure along. As for the mounts, the next forge is more complicated to unlock but once you do that you can begin crafting mounts as well. 

There are various components that you will need to collect in order to craft your pets and mounts. These require a little extra work to get just the right components. if you’re looking to craft a cervid, like a Deathrunner, you’ll need to hunt down cervids and collect cervid lattices. Lattices are the foundation you’ll need to generate a creature’s body. They’re varied based on the type of creature you want to create. Other components include Genesis Motes, which drop from sources like wildlife and Elementals. 

Crafting pets and mounts are going to take work and care in collecting everything you need, but the system offers a ton of variety for those looking for another incentive to adventuring. Once you start synthesizing them you will also be able to walk away with some shiny new achievements. 

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