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World of Warcraft Eternity's End Cinematic Reveals New Sylvanas Model, PTR Updates Add More Campaign and Flying

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The PTR testing has opened for Eternity's End but the World of Warcraft team is not letting go of surprises. There is a brand new cinematic featuring Sylvanas and her brand new model. Definitely some spoilers there if you're avoiding them, but it is a peek at where things are going.

The cinematic remembers the past and possibly gives a look at the future. But the new model is a highlight, which you can peek at in the video thumbnail even if you’re avoiding watching to go into Eternity’s End’s story fresh.

The latest build offers up a number of changes for classes as well as opening up the new raid Sepulcher of the First Ones with heroic encounters opening up tomorrow for testing. Overall, the new changes to classes are centered around reworking class sets to far, with many rebalanced bonuses to improve set bonuses and make them more effective.  

Campaign chapters 4 and 5 are also available to test, along with new quests. And you can also get the achievement that unlocks flying in Zereth Mortis. You’ll unlock the ability to fly by completing four parts to get the Cypher of the First Ones achievement. Being able to fly is your reward. There's also a new crafting system, Protoform Synthesis, that will let you gather reagents and create mounts and battle pets themed to Zereth Mortis.

The new Jailer’s Gauntlet mode also got some changes to the mode. The starting point on the floor will now be closer to the encounter area and you will see the number of portals in the area representing the number of waves remaining to challenge. As the waves spawn, these portals will disappear one by one. It should give you an idea of how much of the onslaught you’ve defeated and how much awaits you.

For the full notes for the World of Warcraft PTR update, head over here.


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