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World of Warcraft Dragonflight Twitch Drops Will Let You Change the Weather

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This week, World of Warcraft gets the new Trading Post, and there will be four days of Twitch Drops where you can earn yourself the new Goblin Weather Machine toy.

If you’ve ever wanted to control the weather, this newest gadget is for you. With the new repeatable Storm’s Fury event and all of the ancient magic reawakening in Dragonflight, a little weather magic fits right in. The new toy will let you alter the weather in a space. While the official description does say “Get yours and enjoy sunny weather anywhere you go!*” that asterisk does belong to some fine print that says sun not guaranteed. Still, it could be yours this week for watching some Dragonflight streams with Twitch Drops enabled.

To claim the Goblin Weather Machine, you’ll have to watch a stream, or more than one, between February 1st at 10 AM PST through February 5th at 11:59 PM PST. do that and you’ll get yourself one of these goblin machines.

February 1st will mark a new feature’s opening in Dragonflight, with the Trading Post. For a few weeks after it was first announced, Blizzard has teased the new feature, including with a new trailer and dev blogs. 

To recap, once the Trading Post opens, there will be a monthly list of tasks to complete and Trader’s Tender, a new currency to earn. You’ll get some for logging in each month, and the rest from completing those monthly tasks. There are rewards you can trade for, some new cosmetics that will change monthly. 

There’s also a special item each month, and some have discovered that earning this special item once a month for 12 months is what is required to earn a certain achievement. Earning this gets yourself a brand new transmog Warden Set. That kind of year-long grind is being called out in the community, but with the feature going live in just two days, everyone will be able to judge just how earning those Trader’s Tender really feels.

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