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World of Warcraft Dragonflight Expansion Officially Revealed, Takes Players To The Dragon Isles

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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight was officially revealed today, bringing players to the Dragon Isles in Blizzard's ninth expansion for the popular MMORPG. Alongside the new area will be a new race: the Dracthyr.

The new expansion, whose name was pretty much confirmed a few weeks back thanks to datamining, brings players to the Dragon Isles, complete with four new leveling zones for players to explore. Also coming is a new starter zone to accompany the new playable race: the Dracthyr. The new expansion also sees a level cap increase to 70.

The Dracthyr itself is also a new class, as World of Warcraft is getting its first real class/race hybrid. The Dracthyr Evoker is a unique class designed around the Dracthyr's unique dragon characteristics. Players can choose to be a healer or a ranged damage dealer with the Evoker, as well as design your own humanoid and draconic forms when creating your Dracthyr. The race is also available as both an Alliance or Horde character, though with cross-play coming soon, that might not be as important moving forward.

Also coming with Dragonflight is a new, flying mechanic, taking cues from the name of the expansion. This new Dragonriding skill allows players to soar through the Dragon Isles atop their own customizable drake. Players will be able to learn new maneuvers, as well as upgrade their flying skills with an all-new Dragonriding skill tree.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight will also see a new talent system, as the old one is getting a complete overhaul. Blizzard states that players will be able to make more "creative and flavorful talent choices" to better build your character.

Dragonflight also will bring new profession system updates, such as the addition of player-driven work orders and a new specialization system. Some other quality of life features included will also be a newly updated HUD and UI, bringing it into a more modern age.

You can check out more on the World of Warcraft website


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