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World of Warcraft Dragonflight Alpha Introduces New Ohn'ahran Plains, Dungeons and Class Revamps

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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World of Warcraft's Dragonflght alpha has entered its fifth week, and Blizzard is taking players to a new zone: the Ohn'ahran Plains.

The latest alpha sees the level cap set to 65 (templates starting at level 62), with players able to still frolic in The Forbidden Reach or check out the newest zone in the alpha: the Ohn'ahran Plains. 

Detailing it as the "home of the Green Dragonflight," the new zone is marked as the second leveling zone of Dragonflight. The new alpha build also brings two new dungeons to the test: the Azure Vault and Brackenhide Hollow.

New talent systems are also being tested this time around, with the Holy Paladin and the Warlock put up for players to provide feedback. Previous talent revamps are still live as well for additional testing, according to Blizzard. As far as the changes, Blizzard notes in the patch notes forums post that the changes to the Holy Paladin talent tree is aimed at giving them more "caster-focused playstyle" options, specifically bringing back Power of the Silver Hand's passive effect as well as Tyr's Deliverance.

As far as Warlocks are concerned, the idea was to emphasize the "strong thematic and rotational gameplay" already available to the class. As such, some skills have seen damage increases, such as Shadow Bolt and Incinerate, while Blizzard is also tweaking Spell Lock on the talent tree to make more pets viable throughout Dragonflight

"With Dragonflight, we’ve removed Spell Lock from Felhunters and Spell Lock is now available for Warlocks to learn themselves. With this change, we are aiming to allow for more pet diversity in content where Felhunters feel required like dungeons and PvP."

You can check out the full patch notes on the official forums post. Last week, World of Warcraft's Dragonflight alpha explored the zone of Thaldraszus, full of Titan and dragon influences. Also, ICYMI, it looks like a mobile World of Warcraft MMO isn't going to be coming any time soon.


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