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World of Warcraft Devs Respond to Player Criticism of New Nazjatar PvP Event

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When v8.2 Rise of Azshara launched in World of Warcraft, it came with a new PvP event called "Battle for Nazjatar" that would launch periodically throughout the day. However, over the past week, players have been frustrated by repeatedly being involved in "lopsided faction representation" during these PvP fights. In a new post on the WoW forums, devs acknowledge the feedback and have announced changes to mitigate the issue.

Going forward, Battle for Nazjatar will only begin when "there is a good mix of both Horde and Alliance players in War Mode". When that "good mix" isn't present, a separate PvE event called "Azshara's Elite Commanders" will kick off that does not require War Mode and rewards players with Nazjatar Battle Commendations for participation in killing Elite commanders.

Read the community reaction on the World of Warcraft forum.

A second frustration that many players have experienced in the last week has been the number of rare spawns in both Nazjatar and Mechagon. Killing these rares is a requirement for many world quests needed to gain reputation with a variety of factions. Many of these creatures had fairly low health which is now being buffed to allow more players to participate in the kill.

We’re making Bounty: Dangerous Creatures only require 1 rare, and we’re fixing a bug where some rare spawns didn’t give quest credit. Combined with the above change, it should be a lot easier to complete.

World Quest bosses in Nazjatar will no longer show up with a silver dragon portrait. After this hotfix, is should be easier to tell what’s a boss for a World Quest and what’s a true rare spawn.

Read more on the World of Warcraft Twitter.


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