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World of Warcraft Devs Detail Incoming Faction Assaults for 8.1

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When v8.1 "Tides of Vengeance" launches in World of Warcraft next week, players will be able to level and gear up characters through the newly added "Faction Assault" points. Those who played the Legion expansion will be familiar with the mechanic. Specific assault points will appear on the map in a single zone. "A Horde or Alliance crest on the map will indicate the type of invasion that is occurring and the available quests associated with it."

There will be a number of available quests including "taking out elite targets, mowing down enemy armies with powerful magic and siege weapons, taking down the enemy ship, participating in covert assassinations, or embarking on shared quests that bring the two opposing factions in close proximity to each other." 

Players with War Mode turned on will be able to take the action up a notch by both having to fight opposite faction NPCs and players.

Players completing assault points can earn bonus reputation, War Resources, 325-370 gear, and an hour's XP buff to assist leveling alts.

Read the full details on the World of Warcraft site.


Suzie Ford

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