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World of Warcraft Devs Announce Experience Boost Change and Nerf to Nightmare Incursions

Sam Plaisance Posted:
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World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery Phase three is live, and even though fans are having a wonderful time leveling alts and blasting throught Nightmare Incursions, the developers have announced that Nightmare Incursions were boosted a little too much. 

About a week ago now, the devs took to the forums to discuss both good news and bad news for World of Warcraft Classic players, as Nightmare Incursions were becoming a bit too powerful a tool for players to level up. Yes, the Incursions were meant to be a very “valuable source of experience”, but they were not meant to replace pretty much every other experience earning opportunity from level 40 to 50. 

The devs mention that they are concerned with the Nightmare Incursions becoming the main source of experience gain, and state, 

“As a result, we will be making an adjustment on Monday to increase the magnitude of Discoverer’s Delight’s XP buff. We are still working through the percentages we will adjust, but we are likely going to increase the level 40-49 buff from 50% bonus experience from all sources to around 75% or slightly more. To offset this, we will be reducing the amount of experience gained from mission quests in Nightmare Incursions.”

Now, this slightly negative news does come with good news, as players will receive a 75% increase to experience gain from level 40 to 50 rather than the previous 50% boost. Not to mention that though the Nightmare missions have been nerfed a bit, the experience boost still applies to the creatures within the Nightmare Incursions, so the gains will still be monumental. 

They mention that one can of course have “too much of a good thing”, and that this decision was mostly made on the premise of wanting to players to explore all that Azeroth has to offer rather than spend all of their time within the Nightmare as they await the arrival of Deathwing


Sam Plaisance