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World of Warcraft Details Revival Catalyst and Full Notes For 10.0.5 Are out

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World of Warcraft is rolling out the Revival Catalyst next week, on January 24th. The new feature will help players turn Season 1 Dragonflight gear into set pieces they still need. Blizzard also released the notes for update 10.0.5, which will bring the feature into the game, including for the Trading Post, new features, and more changes.

The Trading Post is almost here. Going live on February 1st, the Trading Post will let you earn a special currency called Trader’s Tender by doing tasks. You’ll be able to trade it for a monthly selection of cosmetics.

One of the other big additions coming is The Storm's Fury repeating event. This will take place every five hours, so you'll have to get there by taking a portal to The Primalist Future. Your goal will be to seal the Primalists’ portals and defeat the beasts they send out. 

Group loot gets some tweaks, mostly to help players have a better shot at getting items they are missing. Some of them reduce redundancies, like not being able to roll Need on some stuff you already own or recipes you learned. The Revival Catalyst is the big one though. Its official description says it all:

“The Revival Catalyst is now available to turn gear earned from the Great Vault, Mythic+, Raids, PvP, Tier 2 (Epic) Storms, Tier 2 War Mode, and World Bosses into the corresponding tier gear for that slot.”

This fits in with a series of changes intended to make set pieces a little easier to get your hands on and distribution slightly more equitable.

There are lots of other changes coming in 10.0.5, including the return of the Mage Tower for level 70, balance changes for classes and professions, and some more step to handle those who leave Solo Shuffle matches.

There are some accessibility changes intended to help reduce incidents of motion sickness in dragonriding

For more, read the notes over at World of Warcraft.


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